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California Sunday Magazine
Page 23

California Sunday Magazine

For our last Page 23 post of the year we turn to the December issue of California Sunday Magazine.

This issue of the monthly newspaper supplement is a special one, taking a close-up look at teenage life in the US. Instead of being measured by numbered pages, the issue is divided by time across a single day. Having woken up at 5am with a look at teenage clothing, shared experiences of a school shooting at 10:10am, experienced school lunches via a cartoon spread, met the mother of a teenager girl, we hit evening time and ‘Hanging Out,’ a portfolio of photographs by Alesandra Sanguinetti.

Without a designated page 23, we instead find ourselves settling on an image from Sanguinetti’s series taken at 11:23pm, or 23:23. Marco, Annabel and Ren are getting dressed up and and ready for their regular visit to a midnight showing of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. It catches a perfect moment of innocence just at the cusp of childhood and teenagehood, and aside from a brief caption the portrait is allowed to speak for itself.

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