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Just back from Copenhagen, freezing cold of course yet warmer than London on my return. Speaking at a design school there, Den Grafiske Hojskole. Fellow speaker, local newspaper designer Ole Munk from Ribergard & Munk, showed a large collection of current newspaper designs during a talk in Danish that was gibberish to me. But the pictures were good, mainly from Scandinavia. And inevitably he showed examples from before and after the Guardian redesign. Seeing the front pages one after the other, blown up big on a screen, it made it clearer still to me that the change is a good one.

Didn't stay long enough to see much of the city, but did take a walk through the central shopping hoping to find a magazine store. There were none, yet later at dinner I was assured the country has a healthy publishing industry. Maybe so, but the only place selling magazines I saw during my day and half there was at the airport

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