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August 2015

August 2015

You might expect the summer months to see a slow-down in the arrival of magazines at magCulture HQ; not so! Here’s an overview of some of those we received last month, including several mags about local areas.

Offlife# 12
Comic-strip and illustration magazine Off life never fails to impress, but the new issue is particularly exciting as it features an in-depth interview with legendary graphic novelist Charles Burns. I’ve always thought of the publication as a comic version of a short-story anthology, and in this new edition science fiction by Debbie Fong and a green and purple strip by Ellice Weaver particularly resonate.

The Bushwick Review #6

The latest issue of this Brooklyn-based zine wasn’t hand photocopied or hand stapled, but it was put together on the kitchen table of editor Kristen Felicetti (aka K10). Inside the glossy pages are comics, interviews, reviews of local corner-shops and poems by both Brooklynites and friends living beyond the Bushwick postcode.

World-Makers # 1

Here’s a food and design magazine that interviews farmers, CEOs and chefs about agricultural inventions. Overall, there is something B2B-like in its tone and appearance, and World-Makers is less aesthetically driven in terms of what it features and more interested in innovation. The magazine is published in Singapore, and although the design is rigid, the stories inside are inviting and inspiring.

Union # 1

At first glance it’s difficult to work out what exactly this brand new mag is about, yet it’s clear from the content and the tone that the editors have been highly influenced by Hunter S. Thompson. Features include a profile on the East Bay Rats biker club, an interview with computer hacker group Anonymous and a piece about a former M15 spy. The design is deliberately dark and scrappy.

We Are Dublin # 3

This is a magazine with a name that encapsulates its content: We Are Dublin is a Dublin-based magazine featuring local stories and interviews. The red of the cover re-occurs in many different hues throughout, and a large typeface makes for a relaxed reading experience alongside the Instagram photography. Editor Conor Purcell used to epublish We Are Here, which featured a different city for each issue, but when he permanently relocated to Dublin his magazine relcoated too. The stories feel as if they’re from a true local.

Clonakilty Living #1
This is the first issue of a new magazine from our friends at Karen magazine. While that magazine used detailed local stories to subvert the idea of the ordinary, this new title is more straightforward, providing a lifestyle guide to this small town near Cork, Ireland.

This Old House #191
A resolutely mainstream American interiors magazine might not be the usual fare here on magCulture, but we make an exception to mark the return to work of our friend Robert Newman. It’s great to see him at the helm of a magazine design team again. Welcome back!

Fathers #2
This Polish magazine celebrates fatherhood, favouring reflections on experience over a how-to approach. It uses the familiar indie mag vernacular – plain, monochrome typography punctuated by full-bleed illustration and photography presented in a small, bookish format.

Wildling #1
The refreshingly large, tall format of this new mag is packed with photography of kids, reflecting an idealised approach to childhood and family life. But just as you begin to wonder how much beautiful country adventure and beach holiday you can take, you find one of the essays tells a tragic story of one mother’s loss. A mixed bag but an interesting start.

Lodestar Anthology # 3

The latest issue of this hefty ‘magazine-meets-journal’ about place, travel and exploration focuses on editor Liz Schaffer’s home country, Australia. You’ll find a lot of beautiful, detailed illustration and immersive photography alongside the text – the size and scope of the thing almost reminds me more of an old illustrated geography book. Inside you can expect plenty of long essays on Australian literature, geography and food.

South East London Journal # 3

For the Autumn issue of this free local mag, the team decided to take a classic September fashion theme, with shoots are set in south London chippies and pubs. There’s also an extensive section reviewing hair salons. It’s published in conjunction with the launch of their new creative agency.

The Correspondent # 9

The dn&co agency write, edit, design and art direct every issue of this tabloid format publication about the central London area of St. James. The magazine is very fashion focused, and it includes an article on The Ritz as well as seasonal highlights from boutiques in the area. The choice of newspaper stock is a nice touch – a subtle reference to the area’s pamphleteering history.

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