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Elana Schlenker’s pop-up shop

Elana Schlenker’s pop-up shop

Elana Schlenker is the provocative graphic designer behind Gratuitous Type (the self-fashioned ‘occasional pamphlet of typographic smut’) as well as Conveyor magazine (recently reviewed), and her latest project is yet another intriguing concept. To highlight gender wage inequality, the ‘Less Than 100’ pop-up shop in Pittsburgh charges women less than men: things that normally cost 1 dollar are reduced to 78 cents for women - a reflection of the stubborn pay gap. The shop’s slogan reads ‘Pay What You’re Paid’, and the items for sale range from ceramics and blankets to jewellery, books and magazines – all of which have been produced by women artists and entrepreneurs. We caught up with Elana to find out what magazines she’s stocking on the ‘Less Than 100’ shop shelves, and her selection reflects that as well as The Gentlewoman and Riposte, there are numerous other independent publications currently being produced that break from traditional notions of femininity. After the jump, Elana explains her reasons for stocking each of the publications.

As a longtime lover of print, it's been great to be able to share some of my favorite women-made magazines through this project, including:

Got A Girl Crush
An irreverent magazine of crush-worthy girls doing crush-worthy things, sweetly written and designed, but not saccharine.

Cherry Bombe
A big, fat ode to food and the girls who love it. I especially like their photography and coverage of industry creatives.

Girls Like Us
A magazine of women in arts, culture, and activism, covered through a feminist, post-gender lens. GLU offers a fascinating range of content in a playfully designed, trendy package that's fun to read and look at.

Day Job
A nice little magazine with a great premise—‘creative women's perspectives on making work and making a living.’ I love the mix of artists and the many ways in which they each approach this subject, as well as the pacing and structure of the publication.

See our interview with Elana from ModMag14

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