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Electronic Beats (magazine of the week #9)
Magazine of the week

Electronic Beats (magazine of the week #9)

electronic beats cover

My Magazine of the Week strand has gone awol this year, as has magCulture itself recently (sorry!), but here is Magazine of the Week back again.

Electronic Beats is a customer magazine from mobile comms company T-Mobile. It's produced in English from Germany, edited by Liz McGrath, and serves to hold together T-Mobile's music marketing across Europe. It looks great, with a visual identity that is clean, modern and most importantly, flexible. Best of all, as a magazine promoting T-Mobile, it feels 'on-brand' without being slavishly branded. It's available online here. (thanks Boicozine)

electronic beats cover close up

electronic beats opening spread

electronic beats opening spread 2

electronic beats spread

electronic beats spread 2

electronic beats close up

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