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Eye #92
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Eye #92

I do like a magazine-about-magazines and although Eye covers a broader range of graphic design than just editorial design it always keeps a close eye on that subject; its makers are all as interested in covering the making of magaiznes as they are in making their own publication.

Their latest issue is no exception: an interview with the creative team behind ‘Smart magazine for women’ Riposte confirms that title’s credentials – those front covers! – and a Reputations profile of Stuart Geddes, the Australian designer behind several magCulture favourites including the poster-mag Is Not Magazine and risograph-printed motorbike zine Head Full of Snakes, shows lots of great examples of his work.

For us, though, the highlight is not just Rick Poynor’s look at the magCulture shop (in which he asks can a shop be a place to promote criticism –our answer is yes it can!) but the use of our terazzo floor as endpaper.

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