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Feelings #2
Cover story

Feelings #2

Over a year after after issue one, the second edition of found image magazine Feelings has just been published. Anyone intrigued by artfully combined sets of seemingly random photographs, diagrams and illustrations loosely tied to a theme will love the new one as much as the first. With no text, explanation or page numbers – just feel bleed images – it’s hard to analyse the detail but at I guess I’d day number two has a few more pages than the first. And moving from the tight theme of ‘Cars’ to the broader ‘Science’ means the two issues are quite different in tone.


‘Cars’ leant itself to a reflection of our consumer society, a typical spread (above) relishing the mismatching replacement panels and doors of cheaply repaired vehicles. ‘Science’ extends a little further; I enjoyed the selection of rap artists applying the scientific references in their stage names to the images on their LP sleeevs (below).


But the best part of the new issue is how it quietly brings home the visual theme that was evident but unhighlighted on the first front cover (below). What looked like a found image of happy/sad emoticons wiped into a grubby car window (below) turns out to be a defining visual cue for the publication. The pair of balloons on the new cover echo the happy/sad theme, and clarify the name Feelings.


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