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After a hectic week of the AGI Open conference it was a pleasure to sit down and tweet images of magazine typography for the Design Museum yesterday. Here are a few of my posts, along with a selection of others contributed over the afternoon. Thanks to Michael at the Museum for inviting me, and to everyone who took part.

Click on images for larger versions, and see the full set on twitter – search #FontSunday (above image from The Face, Neville Brody, 1983).

US Cosmopolitan, 1913

L’Esprit Nouveau, date unknown

Port, no6, 2012, lettering by Sara Cwynar

Launch issue of City Limits, David King, 1981

Torrent, Beijing, 1928

Huck, 2012

Fortune, 1937

Penguin Music Magazine, 1947

Private Eye, 2103

The Gentlewoman, 2013

US Esquire, George Lois, 1969

Facade, Paris, 1976

Upper & Lower Case, 1976

Design, Ken Garland, 1963

Arena spines

Brand Eins, Mike Meiré, 2000

Interview, 1985

The Architectural Digest, date unknown

i-D, launch issue, 1980

Print, 1952

Gratuitous Type, 2103

Carlos, 2004

Dziatwa, 1980

Sleazenation, Scott King, 2001

British Vogue, 1946

Blue, David Carson, launch issue, 1998

Sniffin Glue, 1977

Paris Vogue, 1990

UK Cosmopolitan, 2012

The Masque, 1947

Gebrauchsgraphik, 1955

Portfolio, Alexey Brodovitch, volume 1

At Work With… will return next week.

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