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Friends of Bob Newman

Friends of Bob Newman

Regular readers will know of New York-based editorial designer Bob Newman, the man behind the Newmanology site and source of daily Facebook archive finds. Not only is he a talented designer, fellow magaholic and all-round enthusiast for editorial design, he’s also one of the nicest and must supportive people in the industry. I first met him in the nineties when I visited New York, when I met many people, all of whom were very kind in giving their time to meet me. But the only person who subsequently kept in regular contact was Bob.

So I was sorry to hear he recently suffered a serious accident. He’s been in hospital for several weeks and I’m happy to say is now recovering well. But he and his family need support to cope with the cost of his care, so a group of his friends have set up a Friends of Bob Newman donations page.

If you’re a regular here at magCulture you’ve almost certainly enjoyed Bob’s musing on magazines. If you don’t know his writing, start with this conversation between us both for Gym Class Magazine in 2011. As Bob said in our last email exchange before his accident, it’s amazing how fast things have moved on since we recorded that conversation.

Enjoy our early thoughts about the iPad. And please donate.

(Photograph by Glenn Glasser)

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