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Frieze with sticker
Cover story

Frieze with sticker


Art magazine Frieze has been relaunched to mark its 100th issue. It has a slightly different format and a redesign overseen by Paul Barnes, more of which later. But meanwhile here's the new cover, featuring a tiny slither of each of the 100 front covers to date. Yes I counted, there are 100 strips of colour here (not sure what they used to represent the 100th cover though - its a blank green strip).

It’s a beautiful, simple design that looks great and works well as a concept piece. A single focussed idea and the Frieze logo – no cover lines needed.

Unfortunately somebody at Frieze didn't have the confidence to rely on the idea alone, and as you can see above, a vivid pink sticker has been added. Which is disappointing, but they have to sell the thing, and if you want the pure effect you just peel off the sticker, right?

Except they've used such a strong sticker that it rips the cover when you remove it, as shown below. Other magazines and books use stickers that peel. All that effort to make a great-looking birthday cover and with one moment of thoughtlessness it's ruined.


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