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Here #12
A mag in five pix

Here #12

I’ve only recently caught up with Here, a quarterly travel magazine published by luggage company Away that arrived announced in our post. It’s a refreshing publication that proves customer magazines needn’t be predictable PR vehicles for the brand behind them. Here we look at five elements from issue 12 that sum up my enthusiasm for the title.

1: COLOUR Here’s 86-pages are vibrantly colourful throughout. The use of a black and white portrait of Moses Sumney on the cover is heightened by the warm magenta frame image from another story and flouro orange logo. Inside, blocks of colour, chequer board patterns and gradients establish a rich sense of happy warmth.

2: PHOTOGRAPHY Much of the imagery sits within these patterns and gradients, but one story reverses this. A series of luggage x-ray shots sit in white space, the headline orange on white. The story – headline and all – stands out from the rest of the issue as if the whole pages are inverted, like the objects on airport security screens.

3: BLACK AND WHITE In a similar shift of pace, I love this simple, monochrome, nod to a musical quaver icon on the opener to a series of reports from music-rich cities (London, Mexico City and Tokyo). Note, however, the two different blacks and the subtle blue gradient to left.

5: UNRULY While individual sections maintain some consistency within each issue of Here, there appears to be no formal grid or structure to the pages. All the regular parts are present, but none follow a format. The page furniture, for instance, is recognisably styled but jumps about the page at will (above).

4: LEGIBILITY For all the colour, patterns and unruliness, the text is unformally clear and readable – it’s always black or white out of black, using one of two typefaces. This is an obvious way to achieve a readable text but it’s impressive how this simplicity is fitted into the happy chaos of the pages, and a vital part of the success of the finished piece of print.

Editorial director: Ally Betker
Art director: Chloe Scheffe

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