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Hole & Corner #5
Out now

Hole & Corner #5

The new issue of Hole & Corner is out this week, the first since the team reached its fundraising target, an impressive £200k on Crowdcube. Inside is exactly what you’d hope for, Hole & Corner doing what they do best, attentively showcasing hand-crafted wooden looms, rustic pottery studios, Italian ham producers and luxury shirt makers.


IMG_0916The layout is as typically well-crafted as ever: with smoky, organic-coloured photography, clean, white pages and elegant, monochrome, italicised headings.


IMG_0918Issue five is themed ‘Changes’, and those with a good head for lyrics will notice each feature headline is a different David Bowie song title (above). The star isn’t someone you’d associate with art and crafts, so perhaps the magazine is a subtle homage to early, folk-Bowie. Or perhaps the lyrics are a nod to how the craft genre has changed over time, and how it takes many unexpected guises in order to find modern relevance, like Bowie himself.

Hole & Corner as a brand is also changing. Having reached its crowdfunding target, they have exciting plans to extend the lifestyle they champion beyond the magazine’s pages, as they’re looking to open shops and develop a range of products. How this change will manifest itself is still too early to tell, but with the magazine, they’ve got a solid foundation.

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