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January 2019

January 2019

Our monthly round-up of magazines received returns with a strong mix of everything that’s great about the indie scene: the established, the new, the large, the small, the reassuring and the surprising.

Faune #1
Faune was the first magazine to develop from our 2018 Flatplan masterclass. Inspired by seeing an Indian tiger in its natural habitat, it’s a smart magazine that celebrates wildlife and natural environments with beautiful photography and personal texts.

Arcades #3 — Berlin

The photographic magazine about life in the suburbs turns its lens towards Berlin. It’s a satisfying if occasionally predictable mix of people, buildings and the dead spaces around and between them. A highlight is Clara Nebeling’s series of images from the Berlin Lakes.

Racquet #8

We love Racquet for the way it proves tennis is more than the latest scores and injurie scares. Enjoy some Czech history, meet John McEnroe, hear why the game should go indoors, and visit the old-school courts of Pune, India. But best of all — the photography! Another excellent issue.

Sofa #3 – Oh Boy!
The eclectic style of Sofa, a magazine with one foot in the present and one foot in the future, is unmistakably lairy. It’s not afraid to confront tricky topics – masculinity in this issue – from a diverse point of view. And how can you not want to pick it up with that cover?

C/O Vienna #1
The first issue of this magazine about the ideas, projects and stories of the people of Vienna is striking in its disregard for pomp and celebrity. Instead it tries to get to the heart of what makes the people of the city tick, designed with a multifarious attitude to typography.

The Leopard #1
A queer zine blown up into an outsized glossy magazine, The Leopard makes the most of an A list of magazine makers (Alister Mackie, Jamie Reid and Liam Hess for starters), mixing found images, archive material and new shoots to celebrate queer life ‘in all of its creative, sensuality and DIY glamour’ A gorgeous, sensuous piece of publishing.

Pfeil Magazine #10 – Mainstream
This art magazine asks artists to respond to the theme as though the magazine were an architectural space to make work in. For issue 10, we came for the rainbow barcode, and stayed for the Big Mac Salad: an artwork as recipe, printed on loose receipt paper.

mono.kultur #46 – Francis Kéré
The latest in this A5 series celebrates Kéré, a Berlin-based architect specialising in schools and social projects in the country he grew up in, Burkino Fasa. Reflecting the work of its subject, the issue is a simpler, more functional object than others in the past, the key visual theme the red, yellow and green of the country’s flag.

Athleta #4
The Italian magazine of photo essays looking at a wide range of sports cultures already seems like a staple in the shop. Whether intentionally or not, issue 4 appears to be a portrait of masculinity; from the blood and sweat of the boxers of Belgrade, to the amateur footballers of Brazil.

Now & Again #1 — Disappearances

Singapore loves magazines! This latest example is a form of sketchbook compiled by a group of arts graduates who have since spread across the world. Hence the issue’s theme, addressed in writing, imagery and souvenirs/objects. An intriguing debut

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