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Jessica Fogarty, co-manager, Libreria

Jessica Fogarty, co-manager, Libreria

This week we’re catching up co-manager and in-house print specialist Jessica Fogarty of London’s Libreria bookstore. Owned by and opposite the buzzing, one-year-old co-working space Second Home, the store that’s named after Jorge Luis Borges The Library of Babel is stocked like a seductive labyrinth with rows of shelving and books. On a table by the entrance you can find their collection of magazines, and we catch up with Jessica to see what issues she’s been enjoying of late.


As always, we asked Jessica to select an old issue, a new issue, and a detail from a magazine that she finds enticing.



An old issue: Mould Map #4
The fourth in Landfill Editions’ Mould Map series, the Eurozone special focused on European artists and their ideas for possible futures… Wonderfully vibrant, Mould Map uses fluorescent and metallic inks to visually articulate current social and economic issues. A broad and varied scope of subject matter is covered, from counterfeit coins and the actual material value of money, to nuclear disarmament, immigration and TTIP. Founders Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler have taken things one step further with issue six, which takes the form of an all-encompassing exhibition, ‘Terraformers’.

agapornis-scratching agapornis-sea-horse

A new issue: Agapornis
This is a new magazine for me, but the issue itself has been out a little while, so I’m cheating a bit here… I recently discovered the brilliance of Agapornis - it’s a biannual magazine about how animals influence culture, art and fashion, and the importance of having furry friends in our lives. My favourite piece in this issue is about the courtship rituals of seahorses.


And another thing: Ladybeard
Working in themed issues, Ladybeard brings new perspectives to old topics such as the body and sex; the Mind Issue examines the blurred space between ‘the mad’ and ‘the sane’ in our society. Rose Pilkington’s illustrations are as beautiful as ever, pick up a copy and allow yourself to get drawn into those mesmerising hues…

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