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Laura Bradley, editor

Laura Bradley, editor

This afternoon we’re visiting editor and consultant Laura Bradley at her home in London and looking through her magazine shelf. For five years, Laura was editor of before joining Dazed Media's in-house creative studio as editorial director.


We asked Laura to select three issues for us: a new issue, an old issue, and a detail that she thinks is fantastic.


A new issue: Another Man
I was editor of for 5 years until the end of last year and the AnOther titles (AnOther Magazine and Another Man) will always close to my heart. The teams are made up of some of the most talented individuals I know – all extremely dedicated, hard-working and kind. The latest issue of Another Man is one of my current favourites. Created in collaboration with the Rolling Stones, the issue’s five covers feature Oli Burslem, Georgia May Jagger, Wolf Gillespie and Bobbie Gillespie. I always look forward to reading the Impossible Conversations feature by editor in chief Ben Cobb: this time, Mick Jagger’s heroes Chuck Berry and Charles Baudelaire come together in an imaginary head-to-head.


An old issue: LIST
My favourite magazine of all-time. Sadly there was only ever one issue, released in 2000. Created by New York restauranteur and nightclub owner, Serge Becker and Lisa Ano, LIST consists solely of written and pictorial lists. A simple approach that is supremely satisfying, the real genius comes in the type of lists. A compilation of models’ day rates (below), the world’s top gay bachelor pads, a list of dead porn stars and a RecycLIST, which splices fashion photographs with their original references. I’m obsessed by lists and live my life by them. This magazine was the inspiration for my final year magazine at Central Saint Martin’s, and continues to be my go-to reference point. If I had to be any magazine in history, this would be it.



And another thing:
Juergen Teller x Raf Simons x Leicester City
There are countless magazines details that I could cite as my favourite – the lovely insert section in the middle of Double, The Gentlewoman’s Reference section, the human alphabet cover for issue six of Dot Dot Dot. But I’m going to have to choose the cover of the latest issue of Arena Homme +, featuring Juergen Teller wearing a Leicester City football shirt, his arm draped around Raf Simons.

For those that don’t follow football – Leicester City won the Premier League three weeks ago. Their odds of winning at the start of the season were 5000-1, the same odds as Elvis being found alive. I’m from Leicester; my parents are big fans and I spent my childhood going to games. It’s been amazing to witness my dad experiencing something he never dreamt would happen. Arguably the best story in sporting history and a memory that will stay with me forever. Their win points to everything he’s ever told me about life: you don't have the spend loads of money to be the best; focus, hard work and dedication will always pay off in the end. The cover was shot way before the victory looked certain – hats off to Arena Homme + and Juergen for believing in the blues.

Bookshelf image by Benjamin McMahon

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