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Luncheon #3
Out now

Luncheon #3

Large format food-themed fashion mag Luncheon is back with its third issue and a new cover design. The new look shifts the cover away from the quiet classic look of the first issues toward a starker more modern feel. The black and white covers — there are two options — emphasise this further, their poster-like quality standing out from the crowd.

Inside it’s business as usual, another rich set of visual features ranging from Amelie von Wulffen’s anthropomorphic paintings of foods and household objects, to a look through the archive of Paolo Reversi and Julien D’ys incredible collaborations with Rei Kawakubo via John Balsom’s phtographs from Paris’ Café de Flore as it celebrates 130 years.

The range of stories and their placement in a broader historical context is impressive, as is the brevity with which many are treated. Another magazine might stretch some of these stories longer, but the large page size means even a four page story has a presence here. The mix of long and short pieces is great for the pace of the pages. Another winning factor is the quality of the contributors; Suzy Menkes, Robin Muir and Margot Henderson all figure on the writers credits.

Even with the adjusted cover treatment, Luncheon retains its unique editorial stance, delivering a big, bold, grown up slice of great content.

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