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Magazine of the Week: Wrap #8
Magazine of the week

Magazine of the Week: Wrap #8

A bit of a favourite here, Wrap continues to go from strength to strength, demonstrating how a magazine must develop issue by issue.

Illustration remains at its core, but issue eight the magazine has broadened out nicely and also become a little less self-consciously whimsical. The result is a far more confident publication. It still carries the pull-out wrapping papers that give it its name, but these are sensibly repeated in the pages so if the paper is pulled out and used (to wrap or decorate) the works are still there to be enjoyed (above piece by Olimpia Zagnoli, below by Tomás Pál),

The issue has the theme ‘New Horizons’ and shares the work of a group of new graduates; all are photographed with examples of their work (above, below) which is a nice touch. It’s good to see some photography and people in the magazine, but it’s also a reminder that illustrators are people. It’s so easy today – I’m as guilty as anyone – to commission artwork by phone and email without meeting the illustrator. Chemistry counts!

And lastly a quick mention for our pals at Herb Lester Associates, featured (below) in the issue. Their maps are beautiful examples of illustration put to practical use.

Wrap remains a beautifully produced magazine, with every element from the content to production via design and edit is well crafted and well finished. What was once a quirky alternative has established a strong, well-directed editorial voice.

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