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magCulture Meets Eye

magCulture Meets Eye

Our latest magCulture Meets was a real treat for magazine lovers. Eye editor John L Walters and art director Simon Esterson joined us to share their 97th issue, the second of two consecutive special editions about magazine design.

Without a printed copy to show – the issue goes to press today – the two presented the magazines featured in the issue. This gave us a broad view of the content of the issue while also providing real insight into John and Simon’s close working process. The one part of their own mag they revealed was a beuatiful front cover by Tom Gauld. We can’t share that, but look out for it online soon.

The slideshow above shows the magazine covers they discuss in their talk, which is followed by a Q&A with Jeremy Leslie and members of the audience.

Listen to magCulture Meets Eye here:

magCulture Meets Eye took place at the magCulture shop on 4 October 2018.

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