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magRush 06: Der Wedding
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magRush 06: Der Wedding

Der Wedding is published once a year from a modernist citadel in the area of Wedding in what was once east Berlin. Like Boat magazine, it has suffered from a name that is easily confused with an entire genre of publishing; you will not find advice for the bride-to-be here. Instead, this is one of a new breed of titles using the local to examine global concerns. Each issue takes a theme and examines it through the people and streets of the relatively poor Wedding. This fifth issue looks at money, so we see typical modern extremes; on one hand there is a visit to a millionaires fair, with its canapés, tuxedos and first class travel demos, and on the other the regular look inside the houses of local people – many of whom are poor immigrants. Sadly the text is German so I miss much of the detail, but it’s a great example of using a small resource to tell big stories. A personal highlight is a comical set of solutions to everyday problems, of which this is an example:

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