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magRush 25: Alpine Review
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magRush 25: Alpine Review

This is an extraordinary magazine, some people might invoke the ‘bookazine’ word it’s so bookish. As usual, I shall resist that temptation The Alpine Review is magazine through and through, just a very busy, full one. Despite the name it’s based in Montreal – the name refers to reaching the heights, something it does constantly as it jumps from a profile of the School of Life to an interview with new Fabrica CEO Dan Hill and on to a discussion of organisational transformation.

It’s in-depth, intelligent and fascinating in its scope. A highlight is this collage/poetry combination by editor Louis-Jacques Darveau that encompasses native indians, Shackleton and Don Draper (below), but like almost everything present nothing is typical of the content. A very special magazine to end this magRush.

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