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magRush2013: Made Quarterly #1
Out now

magRush2013: Made Quarterly #1

After quite a few small-sized magazines during this magRush, here’s a larger A4+ format publication. Made Quarterly is published by Hunt Studio in Australia, the people who also bring us Process Journal.

While Process covers designers and their work, Made is all about people who make things. People such as Sydney shoemakers Feit (above and below)...

... Japanese product design studio Nendo (above)...

... and Denmark’s Form Us With Love design studio (above).

Made is refreshingly simple. As these examples show, the ‘makers’ theme extends an international reach and the work is presented in large full-page/DPS images accompanied by relatively brief texts. Sometimes the makers are interviewed, sometimes just profiled. The magazine has a particular aesthetic that aligns it with a number of recent magazines. Kinfolk and Inventory come to mind, magazines with which Made shares generous uses of images, white space and a consciously designed monochrome simplicity to the typography and layout.

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