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March 2017

March 2017

Our monthly look back at a few titles we overlooked at the time revisits an old favourite, meets a new Hispanic platform mag and considers a gallery launching its own publication.


Delayed Gratification, #25
The latest edition of the slow journalism magazine covers October–December 2016. Those fearing an overlong focus on Trump’s election can be reassured that that story is limited to a typically powerful infographic. Elsewhere, Leonard Cohen is celebrated and the human crises of Aleppo and Calais are examined. A must-read, as ever.


Adhesivo, #1
This new title follows the platform template, a series of pieces of creative work by various artists and writers. What gives it a unique approach is that all the content has been created/written by NY Hispanics in an attempt to draw attention to the lack of support they receive. The result is a good first issue, thought the insides never quite match the cover design by Favielle.


Taming Lions, #1
Another platform magazine, this London-based independent takes a different theme for issue and then invites artists and designers to create an artwork based on that buzzword; for this first issue thaty word is Identity.


Renaissance, #1
A magazine that covers the lives and interests of an older generation of readers is a holy grail of publishers — how to do that without repelling readers who don’t identify as ‘older?’ This indie attempt from Australia is clearly structured, makes some typographic references to The Gentlewoman and has some good stories but never quite reconciles itself with its subject.


The Gagosian, #1
From the global contemporary art gallery comes this new magazine, which covers the events spanning the company’s 16 spaces as well as other art news. Issue one features a cover by Rudolf Stingel, and includes articles on Cy Twombly and Taryn Simon as well as conversations with contemporary artists represented by the Gagosian. Designed by Graphic Though Facility, it’s a smart, tactile and expensive looking product.


The Earth Issue, #1
A collaborative project by environmental photographer Elena Cremona and the Archive Collective (an art platform in Montreal), The Earth Issue focuses on the intersection between fine art and environmentalism. It’s a platform magazine of sorts, and it considers our relationship with the natural world through a range of media by 29 different artists.

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