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ModMag14: Kai Brach, Offscreen

ModMag14: Kai Brach, Offscreen


Here’s the sixth and final film interview from our Modern Magazine 2014 conference. Kai Brach is the founder/editor of Offscreen, the magazine about the people who create and build the web. It’s also notable for the openness Kai applies to the project; he publishes details of the magazines finances online and regularly reflects on his experience of the publishing business. Here he discusses the origins of his magazine, the scale of the project and the roll of print as a diversion from the screen.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this series of videos: Kati Krause who asked the questions, Lightgeist who filmed and edited the footage and Park Communications who supported the work. And thanks to the interviewees for their support too.

View the complete series of six videos.

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