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Mollie Makes
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Mollie Makes

People often ask me what’s the best way to launch a new magazine. There’s no simple answer of course, and every attempt to provide an answer leads to more questions, but two key factors are making sure your idea is strong and easily communicated, and start small – forget the mega-launch.

Both of which apply to Future’s recent craft launch Mollie Makes. It was a quiet launch, I only heard about it via the ad the publishers placed here on magCulture. But it appears to be going very well, with sales and subs exceeding expectations and a healthy presence on Facebook and Twitter (a third important element to launches today).

The magazine itself is a DIY craft magazine that captures the zeitgeist in terms of both thrift and the Cath Kidston aesthetic. It’s not my gingham-patterned cup of tea in that respect but its does what it does rather well, in a kind of low-key British down-to-earth Martha Stewart kind of way.

This video was made to promote the launch and sums up the character and mood of Mollie Makes well.

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