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Multimedia weekend

Multimedia weekend
Some resources from the weekend.

First up, Monocle 24’s The Stack featured Penny Martin from The Gentlewoman talking about the stunning new issue of her magazine as well as the ‘crisis of the front-of-book’ – one for magazine geeks everywhere. You can also enjoy me talking about my new book ‘The Modern Magazine’ and the conference of the same name (including Penny alongside many others).

Second, on Sunday I joined Steve Watson’s Guardian Masterclass on independent publishing, where I met an enthusiastic group of would-be magazine makers and gave them some advice I hope was realistic but not too scarey. I opened with the first of my ten-point guide as published in YCN’s You Can Now magazine, ‘Publishing a magazine will take up every ounce of spare time, give you sleepless nights, leave you disorientated and cause you to fall out with partners, friends, family and the bank…’ Read the full ten points here.

At the end of the two-day masterclass, Steve and the attendees compiled their own list of ‘Top mega-lessons for publishers’, pictured above.

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