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I received the pilot issue of MusicMusicMusic earlier this summer. A magazine about music – but you guessed that – it is A3-sized and focuses on pictorial representations of music, using lots of blank space on its large pages and featuring sets of black and white photography with short bursts of text set in Courier. Photographers include Christopher Griffith, Ruvan and Jason Manning.

It’s not a perfect magazine, but it has some neat ideas and you can tell designers Craig Tilford (ex-The Face), Robert E Lee and Michael Hernan are enjoying themselves. It has a clear visual direction though at times the upside down and angled text gets irritating.

What works well is the format, the different paper stocks (heavy and light) and the way it’s wrapped in a dust jacket with a belly-band featuring the foil-blocked title. It is a beautifully printed piece, and completely different to any other music title out there right now. A nice experiment – I’m interested to see how the next issues looks.

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