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New mags for a new month
New magazines

New mags for a new month

At this week’s magCulture Live, London 2021, we’ll be celebrating independents old and new. Fancy a few more until then?

With our (in real life!) magnificent event magCulture Live, London, just around the corner—this Thursday, 4 November to be precise—we thought we’d make a little more space to celebrate some of the new and bold independents that sprung to life during the last 18 months.

Alongside the many new publications we’ll be showcasing at magCulture Live—Chutney, Paperboy, Louche, Kindling and Inque—we’ve brought together an equally exciting collection of bright, young things to fill your autumn shelves with.


An in your face assault of XXL, full-bleed photography, the unbound, poster-mag
Circus is an exploration of the outrageous, the ridiculous, and the obscene. As its creator, beauty photographer Jackson Bowley describes it, Circus is a ‘bold, bright, chaotic, stressful, sickly, loud, scrappy and stupid beauty publication that creates and celebrates the absurd.’ Leafing through the mag is like drinking a double espresso—and then immediately swallowing a bag of Skittles.

M—A (A Space Between)
From one visually-led publication to another, M—A (A Space Between) is another extra large-format, full-bleed beast to have arrived at the magCulture shop in recent weeks. Though the formats are similar, the feeling of Circus and M—A are entirely different. Where M—A is spiral-bound, fixed, Circus is unbound and loose. Where Circus is brash and cocksure, M—A is softer, off-white; a monochrome affair––it’s images make for a brooding, intimate experience...

And now for something completely different (and incredibly self-explanatory). The small-format
Cheese is a magazine about, um, cheese. Created with a healthy chunk of the same brain power behind the ever-popular Pit magazine (aka, art director Holly Catford), Cheese opens with a key question: What is cheese? From there, we visit the French Alps, Milan, Dorset, Mexico and Savoie. One for the foodies and the generally curious––as well as those who appreciate bright, bold, tyrpographic design.

Another small-format publication, Screen_time is one of a growing cohort of magazines to have come out of our mag-making masterclass, The Flatplan. In this instance, editor Ruby Rees-Sheridan offers a print-based exploration of how the endless stream of imagery now present in our day-to-day experience interacts with other facets of our lives. Screen_time is ‘here to crack open black boxes, ponder upon feeds and trace the stories behind our clicks, posts and shares.’

Open Spaces
Now for Open Spaces, a magazine which has very much filled an open space on the magCulture shelves—one for deep-diving into land art; art and the natural world; and art and travel. These are all topics that are covered regularly across different titles, but which didn’t have an obvious place to come together (and effortlessly, at that) ...until now that is. Created by editor-in-chief Yara Akkari and creative director Eri Miyagi, Open Spaces is an art-centered magazine which allows its readers the space to move between pieces; space to breathe.


Photographic Bandwidth
‘Just quality photography by quality photographers’ is what Photographic Bandwidth hopes to bring to the shelf. Themed ‘Community’, this first issue of the heavy-weight publication is indeed a rich collection of (more!) full-bleed, documentary-style photographs—uninterrupted by advertising and alluring throughout.


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