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November 2016

November 2016

Our latest monthly round-up includes magazines about movies, sneakers, photography and music across a few old favorites and a healthy number of brand new launches.


Shelf Heroes, #5
Just over a year has passed since film fanzine Shelf Heroes first hit the..,. well, shelves, and it’s now already onto its fifth issue. Illustrated submissions pull inspiration from movies beginning with a chosen letter of the alphabet – with E we see Evil Dead II, ET, Elf, The Exorcist, Eternal Sunshine, The Elephant Man and more.


Crepe City, #3
The magazine for sneaker collectors returns with a larger page size and sharper design. Otherwise it’s business as usual: history and contextual texts sit among cataloguish images that will appeal to the obsessive collector.


New release: Staple, #1
The Pilot issue of Singapore-based Staple is themed ‘The Dizziness of Youth’. While a magazine about teenage angst is by no means unheard of, we like the new title’s global outreach when it comes to contributors and the ground it covers.


New release: Runaway, #1
Perfect for the tourist who likes to run, a city guide combined with running guide. This first issue deals with New York, usefully flat and a popular marathon destination, and offers detailed route maps.


Sentimental, #3
Founded by French photographer Romain Seller, the third issue of the London-based biannual is themed Monsters. One of the most striking things about the title is indie-fave Bruce Usher’s art direction, specifically the logo typeface he developed using a tube of mayonnaise.


New release: Brownie, #1
A fascinating launch, a bilingual photography magazine from Shanghai that looks to open up the form to a wider audience. Produced by Lost publisher Nelson Ng, we’re excited to see issue two.


New release: Pasture, #0
Another UK based bi-annual magazine that looks at the stories behind food, and delves into the environment and the people behind it. The title has a very rustic vibe, and its emphasis on sustainability and seasonal produces gives it its unique point of view.


So Young, #11
A special edition of the music x illustration magazine that uses its larger-then-normal A4 pages to look back at the bands the magazine ahs featured so far. Bigger pages suit the mag.


MC1R, #5
The Hamburg-based magazine for red-heads is still going strong – it’s obviously found its niche and has a strong community of ginger followers. Issue five continues with much of the same, and that’s art and design based articles focused on the culture surrounding red hair.


The Lee Cooper Collection
Another well-produced mag in the Document series; each one looks at a single brand, in this case the classic denim of Lee Cooper. Neatly designed by Charlotte Heal.


New release: Luxe Noir, #1
This new biannual describes itself as a ‘coffee table magazine’ devoted to promoting contemporary African art and design. Produced in Johannesburg, South Africa, the magazine celebrates diverse traditions and a range of artistic expression from the African continent.


At the Table #2
The first issue of this London food mag was called Toast; now renamed to better suit the breadth of its food coverage it’s a smart, intelligent reflection of the events platform it represents, but maybe lacks the spark to make it stand out from the many food indies.


New release: Hearts, #1
‘The Smell of Adolescence’ is the first theme of this London-based fashion title. Inside are a series of shoots examining the beauty of being young and the awkward side of youth culture.

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