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Ordinary #3

Ordinary #3

With every new issue of Ordinary that we receive, Jeremy and I have the same conversation. We always wonder how long this is going to be able to last. Surely a magazine that wraps an ‘ordinary’ pound-shop object in a plastic bag, staples it to its cover, and then invites image-makers to create compositions using this ‘ordinary’ thing isn’t going to last that long… I mean, how many times until people get bored? We say that, but then we get the following issue and we’re not bored at all.

Issue one was plastic cutlery. Issue two was sponge, and now issue three is cotton buds. This latest object works very, very well, it’s probably the most engaging yet and has resulted in the best contributor responses. Image-makers inside include Daniel Eatock, AKATRE, Ryan Hopkinson & Andrew Stellitano, and food photographer Gustav Almestål (you can see some examples of what contributors have done in the slide-show above).

When we get a new issue of Ordinary, we also like to make our own composition out of the plastic wrapped objects on the cover… It’s a magazine that invites you to join in. So to celebrate its on-going success, here’s our own Ordinary issue three cotton-bud sculpture:


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