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Out now: Fantastic Man, Egg, Oh Comely, Boat, Little White Lies
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Out now: Fantastic Man, Egg, Oh Comely, Boat, Little White Lies

I’ve fallen behind a little on updating you with new arrivals at magCulture HQ, so here are a few old favourites returning with new issues, starting with Fantastic Man. Now firmly esconced as the definitive ‘grown-up’ independent magazine, it’s easy to forget how important and inspirational Jop van Bonnekom and Gert Jonkers’ magazine is. Don’t take it for granted!

The new issue leads with Frieze magazine publisher Matthew Slotover, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. The piece is an overview of the growing Frieze enterprise as they launch their recent NY art fair, but Slotover talks of his magazine influences, citing eighties NME among others. A footnote form the editors notes sadly that ‘While NME is still published, it is but a shadow of its former grand self’. Luckily there are newer magazines like Fantastic Man to provide inspiration for other generations.

At the other end of the indie scale is Put A Egg On It, which has just published its long-awaited fifth issue which is as engaging as ever. Real food. I hope to have copies on sale in our online shop soon.

Oh Comely seems to be successfully building a strong readership. As I’ve said before, the covers always demand attention, and there are plenty of great editorial ideas, but I just don’t get the page design. But then it’s not aimed at me. This is its tenth issue so they’re doing something right, and as ever the issues includes plenty of reader feedback in the form of handmade letters. They’re building a community along the lines of that editor Liz outlined at Printout last week. And I love their line ‘The lifestyle mag with life’.

Also just out is the new Boat magazine. The featured city this time is London, presenting a contrasting view in the run-up to the Olympics. Here’s the cover, with a foil-block ariel view of the Thames by Ewan Davis Eason. Thsi is an important magazine, full review will follow.

Last but not least the 41st issue of Little White Lies has a double cover with a pair of flouro green illustrations by Joe Wilson. Typically, they go the whole hog – behind each cover, half the magazine is printed that way round, the two directions meeting halfway.

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