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Out now: Hot Rum Cow

Out now: Hot Rum Cow

With independent magazines already specialising in food, cycling, sex, cars, football and movies, it was perhaps only a matter of time before someone came along with a new magazine about the culture of alcohol, or as the editors of Hot Rum Cow have it, ‘Adventures in the world of drinking’.

Published from Edinburgh by Whitelight Media, this launch issue is a remarkably accomplished start. With an experienced team turning their skills to their own magazine instead of customer publishing perhaps that’s not so surpring, but none the less the issue really hits the floor running.

Angles covered include society (attitudes to women making/drinking beer), anthropology (animals that drink), travel (Sri Lankan wine, anyone?), and cookery (gin as an ingredient), plus more traditional fare such as the UK’s oldest pubs, a look at the latest, post-CAMRA small breweries, and an interview with a beer can collector.

As you can see, all these stories are presented with some style. Illustration, typography, graphics and colour are well used throughout.

And Hot Rum Cow? It’s a cocktail, of course.

We have limited supplies of Hot Red Cow in the magCulture shop – online and at 71a Leonard St, London EC2A 4QS.

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