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Out now: mono.kultur #33

Out now: mono.kultur #33

I’m back after an Easter break to a pile of magazines in the mail, topped by the latest mono.kultur. Regular readers will already know how much I appreciate the magazine for its playful physical format and single interview per issue approach, but this is a particularly enjoyable issue as its subject is Sonic Youth founder Kim Gordon.

Gordon is one of those rare figures that rose to an iconic position in rock music while retaining full credibility. While Sonic Youth are in limbo she has returned to her fine art roots and the magazine covers off her many interests, looking back at her band's influence on grunge, her X-Girl fashion brand as well as her current art.

The issue arrives in usual 150 x 200mm format, held together by a rubber band (top picture). Remove th band, fold out the cover, and you have a set of unbound pieces, each one carrying a part of the interview alongside visuals including archive photography, contemporary portraits and artworks.

What I love about mono.kultur is the way it takes a single subject and adapts its format to that person; this issue is a really successfull matching of the two, a goodie bag about one of the cultural icons of our age.


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