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Out now: Plog
Out now

Out now: Plog

Naming magazines is a tricky process but this new art and design title has come up with a winner. Plog sees itself as a paper log, a printed blog. ‘As much as we love blogs, sometimes we wish we could see the work in our own hands rather then just through the screen’ explains editor Son Emirali.

Already on issue three, Plog uses Courier and coding characters to make the blog reference explicit. Designer Adam Pearson doesn’t overwork it, but the reference provides a strong identity for the broad mix of content from art and design students from many leading UK universities. Graphics, typography, illustration and photography are all in the mix, most subjects getting a page each. The inclusion of several longer interviews help add pace. It’s a very nice appropriation of the blog format.

And yes, they do have an online blog too.

Buy Plog here.

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