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Out now: Underscore #3
Out now

Out now: Underscore #3

At the beginning of the year I featured issue two of Singapore’s Underscore here as magazine of the week, so it’s a pleasure to feature their third issue as the year ends.

Underscore is a rare magazine in that everything about it is subtle. It is a very quiet magazine, which makes it difficult to pull out highlights in a quick blog post like this. The issue’s theme is ‘Fight’, not in the violent sense but in the meaning of struggle against the odds. This stems from the Japanese earthquake earlier this year (the cover features a photograph of rust by Taisuke Koyama representing the events of March 11th).

The magazine is again split into five chapters, the numbering continuing on from the first two issues.

Other regulars continue too; featured neigbourhoods include areas of Lisbon, Naples, Basel, Utrecht and Singapore.

Features on nature’s resistance to disaster and life on the streets of Tokyo are combined with some lovely photographic stories. There’s a set of ariel images of the Ruhr’s factories and yards from Stephan Zirwes (above) and a aeries of images of floating flowers byAnnelie Brujin (below

It’s a beautiful object. The care and attention paid to every detail – content, design, paper, printing – makes it well worth tracking down. And as always, their website has music to listen to alongside each story. Buy it here.

See issue two on magCulture here.

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