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Overmatter: 06.05.15

Overmatter: 06.05.15

Rhapsody is United Airlines’ first class inflight mag, ‘offering a loftier, more cerebral amenity to its first-class passengers: elegant prose by prominent novelists.

Folio notes it isn’t yet time for print’s swan song, ‘I’ve noted for some time—that younger readers… increasingly prefer print.

Creative Review goes behind the scenes of the NYTimes Magazine’s recent Walking front cover.

Anna Wintour’s fame is born not only of success but of performative silence…’ The Cut meets the US Vogue editor.

Next week in Amsterdam, Flaneur founder Ricarda Messner talks at the Athenaeum shop, Weds 13 May.

The Atlantic looks at how satirical site The Onion make money, ‘Onion Labs has clearly become the linchpin of the company's future…

Analysis of a news app failure, ‘editorial uniqueness remains a key success factor. And Circa didn’t have it.

Charlotte Heal, art director of Kinfolk, joins line-up at this year’s Here.

A year after dropping to fortnightly, the move looks to have worked for New York.

Finally, watch out for news of the next Printout, 26 May.

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