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Overmatter 23.07.13

Overmatter 23.07.13

Vanity Fair have launched their new iPhone app. Only available in the US, the grabs look very smart in the appstore (thanks Andrew).

Also new in the appstore – iPhone and iPad apps for German financial magaizne Brand Eins (thanks Mike).

‘You don’t need a big machine, you can be a couple of blokes in a room in Shoreditch.’ Steve from Stack has A Cup of Tea With… John L Walters and Simon Esterson of Eye. The first of an exciting new series…

… and putting into practice the subject of tonight’s Printout – Sound and Video. Tickets available on door.

Following our recent chat with Desktop editor Heath Killen, he has left the magazine and been replaced by Bonnie Abbott. Linefeed has a recent interview with her.

This Friday is the deadline for this years BSME Awards.

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