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Printout best of 2014 selections

Printout best of 2014 selections


On Tuesday night Steve Watson and I hosted the final Printout of 2014, a special night looking back at the best magazines of the year. It was an experiment – not least in holding a Printout without announcing the speaker line-up – but one that worked well, with a full room gathering to vote on our four categories: Story, Cover, Launch and Magazine. The video takes you through the categories and confirms the audience favourites.

Steve and I presented two categories each, with three magazines competing for the audience vote. Once the vote had been made we had one a speaker from one of the selected magazines on hand to discuss their project in a little more detail. In an ideal world the audience vote would have coincided with the speakers waiting in the wings but as it turned out none did. Like I said, an experiment!

It turned out each category winner was the last of the three magazines put forward; on the final Magazine selection I tried to break that effect by backtracking through the three mags but even then the final one won.

It all made for a great celebration of independent publishing, so thanks again to our speakers for playing along and to our audience for taking part. The speakers were Loes from Delayed Gratification, Rich Stapleton from Cereal, Anna, Liz and Pete from Dirty Furniture and Ricarda Messner from Flaneur – thank you all. And one extra thanks to Michael Renaud at Pitchfork Review for compiling a music playlist based pn the first three issues of the magazine.






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