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Remembering the launch issue of Wired
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Remembering the launch issue of Wired

monocle issue six cover

Fimoculous celebrates Wired’s fifteenth birthday with an in-depth look back at the first issue. It’s perhaps difficult to appreciate now how different it appeared at the time. I was at Time Out then and publisher Tony Elliott gave me a copy of the magazine and I was hooked: the silk paper, the colours (lots of flouros and metallics) and the weird content – subjects that will seem really run-of-the-mill today but were way out there at the time.

Despite the perfect fit, this was way before the internet hit, and people wondered if it would it ever have enough material to continue publishing it’s futuristic philosophy-techno-mantra. It was Wired that encouraged me to try the internet, I remember downloading Netscape and looking around what existed of the web (not a lot).

Fimoculous has plenty of detail (including a look at the ads of the day) and images. Enjoy!

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