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Rubbish placement

Rubbish placement


Here's a really clever way to promote your magazine: get children's comic The Beano to include your magazine in one of their comic strips.

That's what Rubbish magazine did earlier this year, as these examples show. The magazine, an annual hardback publication in the style of the Monty Python books, takes affectionate aim at the fashion world, gently mocking a few of it's many pretensions. It does so from inside the industry – when not working producing Rubbish the editor and contributors are hard at work oiling the wheels of the fashion machine (the cover of issue two, coming soon, features model of the moment Lily Cole).



The strip sees the magazine coming to the rescue of Dennis the Menace, who has been refused entry to the London Fashion Show because he's not fashionable enough. Rubbish editor (not a great job title) Jenny Dyson, featured above, comes to the rescue and gets Dennis and Minnie into the shows.

The strip ends with Dennis and Minnie sporting Rubbish branding:


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