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Silvia Conde, photographer

Silvia Conde, photographer

This week we’re browsing through the magazine stack of Silvia Conde, a Berlin-based photographer originally from Barcelona.

Silvia’s work appears in titles like Monocle, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Vogue Spain and on Freunde von Freunde, and other clients include Vitra, Dior and The Nude Label (her atmospheric look book for the latter is what originally drew me to her portfolio).


We asked Silvia to select three issues for us: a new issue, an old one, and a third publication that's particularly informative right now.


An old issue: Color Photography 1972
I’ve been living in Berlin since five years now and one of my favourite things here are the flea markets. There’s one that happens twice a year in Ostbahnhof that's for real collectors and freaks that I especially like. There I found a magazine called Color Photography, the 1972 edition.


It totally caught my eye. It collects an amazing number of both color and black and white pictures taken by different photographers from the time. The images don’t seem to be from the 70s. Whenever I lack of inspiration, I like to go through it.


A new issue: Cookbook Magazine #3
Cookbook Magazine is the project of two friends of mine, Miguel and Diego. They run their own graphic design studio in Madrid called Naranjo-Etxeberria.


I admire their work and specially this project, because it’s quite unique. The idea is to analyse the references of an artist through an interview. Afterwards, they select collaborators and give each of them one of the answers of the artist interview. The collaborator then interprets it in what ever way they like.


The result is a crazy mix of information that - surprisingly - ends up making a lot sense. The last issue was about Sasha Kurmaz and I was thrilled to participate.


And another thing: Araki Nobuyoshi catalogue
One of the last publications I found is from a recent retrospective of Araki Nobuyoshi’s work. I love the chapter about his wife, which includes his series ‘Sentimental Journey’ and ‘Winter Journey’.


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