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Small Print launches

Small Print launches

With the latest Printout taking place this Wednesday in London, I’m excited to share news from magCulture’s US chapter. Andrew explains:

I’ve been living in New York for a year. It's an incredibly vibrant hub of independent publishing, yet somehow I haven't been able to track down a decent event that gathered together magazine-loving people. A curious omission, so I got together with Jamin from the terrific Kill Screen magazine and we've created Small Print, a meet up for makers and lovers of indie mags.

Graciously hosted and supported by the lovely people at Phaidon, our first event is on May 8th at the Phaidon Store in SoHo, starting at 7pm.

It's free, and the first of a monthly series (except for June). Come one, come all.

To confirm your ticket email ‘Small Print’ to store.soho(at)

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