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SPD 54 winners announced

SPD 54 winners announced

Last Friday night this year’s SPD Awards winners were announced at the annual gala in New York.

This annual event remains the biggest awards dedicated solely to editorial design. The big winner this year was the California Sunday Magazine team, led by Leo Jung, who picked up an impressive six titles including Magazine of the Year for the second conscutive year. Hear more about the magazine from editor-in-chief Douglas McGray at ModMagNYC.

Congratulations to them and all the winners. The complete list of is downloadable from the SPD website; here are a few highlights:

Brand of the Year
Gold: The New York Times Magazine, Gail Bichler , Design Director
Silver: National Geographic, Emmet Smith , Creative Director

Magazine of the Year
Gold: California Sunday Magazine, Leo Jung , Creative Director; Jacqueline Bates , Photography Director
Silver: Howler, Metaleap Creative

Best General Interest/News
Gold: New York Magazine, Thomas Alberty , Design Director

Best City/Regional
Gold: Texas Monthly, Emily Kimbro , Design Director

Best Women’s Interest
Gold: Glamour, Nathalie Kirsheh , Creative Director (Nathalie will be speaking about her work for Glamour at ModMagNYC).

Best Men’s Interest
Gold: GQ Style, Robert Vargas , Executive Design Director

Best Lifestyle/Travel/Food/Shelter
Gold: Bon Appetit, Michele Outland , Creative Director

Best Indepdendent/Special Interest
Gold: Port Magazine

Members Choice: Best Cover
National Geographic, Emmet Smith , Creative Director; June 2018, “Planet or Plastic?”

Best Design, Entire Issue
Gold: Wired Italia, Massimo Pitis , Creative Director; David Moretti , Creative Consultant; Spring 2018, “The Perfect Machine”
Silver: SEPP, Anton Ioukhnovets , Creative Director; Summer 2018, “World Cup 2018”

Best Design, Sections not features
Gold: Volkskrant Magazine, Jaap Biemans , Art Director; September 8, 2018, October 6, 2018, October 13, 2018, October 27, 2018,
November 10, 2018, November 17, 2018, November 24, 2018, “Content”
Silver: New York Magazine, Thomas Alberty , Design Director; January 8-21, 2018, April 30 - May 13, 2018, May 28 - June 10, 2018,
“The Cut”

Best Design, Independent Magazines
Gold: Rvm Magazine, Francesca Pignataro , Art Director; May 2018, “The White Issue”
Silver: Port Magazine ; Spring/Summer 2018, “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks to Catherine Lacey”

Best Design, Independent Magazines, Cover
Gold: Port Magazine, Matt Willey , Creative Director; Autumn/Winter 2018, “The Many Shades of Vincent Cassel”
Silver: Anxy, Indhira Rojas , Founder & Creative Direction; Spring/Summer 2018, “The Boundaries Issue”

Best Design, Independent Magazines, Single spread
Gold: Howler , Metaleap Creative ; Winter/Spring 2018, “I Am Not Sorry for Scoring with My Hand”
Silver: The Rev Journal, Tom Brown , Creative Direction and Design; Issue 002, “Give Prince Albert A Shoey”


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