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SPD Awards – 2016 winners announced

SPD Awards – 2016 winners announced

Last Friday SPD announced their 2016 wards winners at their annual ceremony in New York. Here are a few highlights; a full list of categories and winners is downloadable here. Congratulations all.

Magazine of the year:
Gold: The New York Times Magazine, Gail Bichler, design director
Silver: New York, Thomas Alberty, design director

Brand of the year
Gold: Gather Journal, Michele Outland, creative director
Silver: New York, Thomas Alberty, design director

Members’ choice:
Entertainment Weekly, Tim Leong, design director; November 20/27, 2015, “The Return of Han Solo

Independent magazines (entire issue)
Gold: Avaunt, Matt Willey, design director
Silver: Elephant, Pablo Martin, Astro Stavro, design directors

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