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The cover that never was
Cover story

The cover that never was

This design by Noma Bar for this week’s Time Out London has been doing the rounds on twitter and websites the last few days, the implication being it’s the cover design for their Sex issue. And very nice it is too, even if the pointed top to Big Ben makes me wince a little.

Strangely, on publication the artwork has been relegated to the feature page inside and the cover left blank for Londoners to offer their ‘personal interpretation of Sex in London.’

What happened? Was there mass wincing at the cover meeting? Or was the tweeted design just a clever promotional ploy?

Whatever the reason, the magazine will reveal the best reader efforts later this week on their blog, which currently boasts the inspirational efforts of Time Out staff.

Update; CR blog has images of the magazine as it appeared, with a Mastercard paid wraparound.

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