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The Drawbridge #8

The Drawbridge #8

monocle issue six cover

Great to see Design Week including an independent magazine among its ‘Hot Fifty People/Things Making a Difference in Design’ list, published this week. Better still, their choice is magCulture favourite The Drawbridge. If you’ve missed previous posts The Drawbridge is a broadsheet sized newspaper that carries great photography (courtesy of picture editor Millie Simpson), illustration (courtesy of drawings editor and illustrator Paul Davis) and plenty of fine writing (through editor Bigna Pfenninger), All presented in newspaper form by art director Stephen Coates. It features in the Hot Fifty alongside the likes of Apple, Comme des Garcons and Zaha Hadid, although I like to think it is present as much as a representative of all independent magazines as for itself. Also good to see Blogging in there on the list!

By coincidence, issue eight of The Drawbridge, ‘Memory’, is published this week. The issue features visuals from Nigel Shafran, Jeff Fisher and Toby Morrison alongside writing by JG Ballard, Ed Vulliamy and Lisa Appignanesi. Buy a copy here.

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