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What Monster #1

What Monster #1

When Steven Gregor stopped publishing Gym Class Magazine (the magazine about magazines) last year, he hinted at a new project to come. That new magazine is still in the works, but to keep his hand in he’s just launched What Monster, a zine devoted to horror films. Each issue will be dedicated to a single movie, and the first one devotes itself to 1980 cult classic Friday the 13th, released just in time for today, Friday 13 October.

What Monster is printed in black-and-white, arriving at A5 pamphlet size an opening out to an A2 double-sided format that mimics the size of a movie poster. Every inch of space is filled with information about Friday the 13th, and there are 100 facts, rumours, and fan theories running across both sides in crisp Neue Haas Grotesk.

One example of the obsessive gems included is; ‘Musician Lou Reed owned a property near Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, where Friday the 13th was filmed. He stopped by between scenes one time and performed for the cast and crew. According to sound mixer Richard Murphy, Reed was “a great guy”’.

The magazine will be published four times a year, a self-described ‘almanac for the horror movie anorak’. Like Gym Class Magazine, Steven’s passion for the subject shines through. It’s a lovely format that delivers more than this description hints at – you need it in your hands. We look forward to seeing what horror film they pull apart next.

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