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What's the Beef?
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What's the Beef?


Thanks to Horst Moser for sending me a copy of the first issue of new German magazine Beef. Published by the Art Director's Club of Germany, it looks great but as it's all in German I can't assess the content. The cover line 'Print 2.0 – The End of The End of Print' gives a clue where their interests lie, and the more I look at it, the more frustrated I am that I can't read it. Looks like some good stuff about magazines in there.

The magazine mixes different papers, including the shiny silver stock shown below, and the design could be described as Self Service with colour – not a bad thing. It appears to be designed by the people from Hamburg-based publishing design specialist Mutabor. The website has a flickable PDF that shows the pages but kills the effect the paper and bright colours bring to the real pages, so here are some spreads from the real thing.





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