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Herbs & Vices #1

170 x 230mm, 80 pages
London, UK
First published 2924
Publisher and editor: Herbs & Vices 
Design: Svenja Lettera

‘For those with high taste' 

With indie staples Broccoli and Gossamer across the pond, Herbs & Vices is a new leafy London-based quarterly aiming to ‘blur the lines between food and cannabis and welcome the culture created by both’ here in the UK. 

In this first issue, themed ‘24 Hour High’: Europe's green wave, profiles of Studio.SPF and grower-breeder duo Peng Man Farmz and Mean Beanz, recipes for midnight munchies and canna cocktails, plus a lunchtime report from the desk of ‘Pablo Chocobar’ on the line between food and drugs.

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