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Mold #6

217 x 300 mm, 146 pages (with 48 page insert)
Brooklyn, USA
Editors: LinYee Yuan & Johnny Drain
Art direction & Design: Eric Hu & Matthew Tsang

‘The future of food’

It's been two years in the making, but the final issue of New York-based Mold has arrived at last, the (print) journey of this adventurous, critical and culturally/politically engaged food magazine culminating with this, its predetermined sixth edition.    

The theme, Design for a New Earth, is an empowering note to sign off on, reflected in a a typically compelling mix of stories ranging from the afterlives of agricultural skins, eating in the ‘alt-universe’ and living in the post-Anthropocene, to ecologies of the Gaza Strip, interviews with London-based practice Cooking Sections and The Institute of Synesthesia, and the concept of 'usufruct'. Throughout, soil is framed as the central being that we remain interconnected with, particularly celebrated in a beautiful manifesto-like insert titled ‘Scores for New Earth’, which is included with each copy.

Signing off, the team write: ‘We've seen the ripples that our print offering has had in design and food worlds. Together, this community has cultivated a deeper understanding of how we can be in right relationship with the food we eat and those human and more-than-human forces that contribute to its creation, distribution and consumption... it's been a deep joy to create pathways for discourse where there was none before.’

On the journal:
‘Some magazines push the parameters of their content, others push their art direction and design. Mold belongs to that special category of magazines that successfully do both. It’ll be missed when it ceases after the final sixth edition later this year.’ Read more

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