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Nicked Journal #1

180 x 250 mm, 86 pages
Warminster, UK
Editor: Seth Cox
Design: Daniel Cox

This is one of those surprise arrivals that make you wonder why nobody thought to publish something similar before. Nicked Journal opens up the apparently mundane world of the British court system, providing rare insight into a world usually only observed by those involved in trials. The first issue is subtitled ‘Uncovering Legal Absurdities,’ and covers the ridiculous-seeming process of the legal trial using history, stories and sociological perspectives paired with a smart, tongue-in-cheek layout.

‘The aim is simple, to encourage readers to take to the (court) gallery in their masses. To fidget, scoff, and to smile wryly from the sidelines… The honest and conversational commentary of Nicked Journal turns the mundane into a monumental farce to engage and inspire a new generation who are actually interested in the law, that thing we live our lives by. Or don't...’


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